What is nature living?

Nature places such as forest, mountain and water fall consist of negative ions at concentration of 2000 - 5000/cm3. This is the main reason why people felt refreshing when they are at such an environment.

How about our surrounding?

What is IonpaintTM?

Crystallized Tourmaline is processed under extreme heat with the help of Nano-technology to stimulate the emittance of micro-element. The processed Tourmaline powder is added into paint mixture to become IonpaintTM.

With the help of negative ions, IonpaintTM has the following benefits:-

  • Eliminates undesirable odor
  • Purifies air
  • Anti-mould / fungal
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Anti-oxidant
  • Reduces harmful VOCs
    (Volatile Organic Compounds)

International Recognition

4 International Accreditation

Releasing Negative IONs

concentrate of 1200 / cm3

Zero formaldehyde (odorless)

Shorten drying time

2 hours between each coating

14 Colors

Porcelain White

Leeds White

Grass Green

Banana White


Candlelight White

Purple Line White

Quarry Pebble


Blossom White

Apparition White

Blue Chiffon White

Colors shown are for illustration purpose only. Actual color may varies.

Also available in Brilliant White & Black Night.


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Healthy Lifystyle Series

Other than the innovative Ionpaint, we have a range of healthy lifestyle products to cover your
breathing, eating, sleeping and drinking.


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Journey with Refreshing Air

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